A very blessed Christmas 2012!

Keep the light of the world in your heart, despite all difficulties. He carries you as you carry him. He gives you to the world just as you daily give Him to others. Thank you for all your sacrifices, your life poured out for others.


“Christmas at Sea” by Michael D. O’Brien

O Jesus,
O holy Wisdom, O holy Beauty,
whom God in his infinite Love
has given us as the Word made flesh,
you have come to us in weakness and poverty;
You, O Jesus, are the Light eternal
rising above the darkness of mankind,
and when you are fully lifted up
you shall draw all men unto yourself.

The angels of heaven bow down in worship of you,
for your majesty, splendor, power, and infinite goodness
are hidden and revealed in this little Child!

You have called us out of darkness, O Lord,
into your wonderful light.
Nourish us unto eternal life!