Catholic World Report-Elijah in Jerusalem

While it is true that many world religions have portions of the truth, having come to them by intuition or reflection as a fruit of Natural Law written in human nature, the image of God within our nature, the truths are mixed with errors. And even if such religions may point obliquely in the general direction of ultimate Truth, they do not give us Jesus Christ, He whom the Father has sent to mankind as its Savior. There is no eternal salvation outside of him. Thus, any new global religion or world movement that posits the sameness of all religions, with Christianity as just one of many prefiguring myths, is actually leading man away from salvation. It becomes a tool in the hands of the spirit of anti-Christ, and ultimately in the hands of the “Man of Sin” who will be the actual Antichrist. Continue reading

NCR interview-Elijah in Jerusalem

the Apocalypse foretold by Old and New Testament prophets and by Christ must not be viewed as a purely symbolic mega-drama enacted as high theatre sometime in the safely distant future. When the foretold events actually occur, they will be experienced at ground level by all kinds of people, in a variety of subjective ways. If our times prove to be the ones prophesied, we too will experience it in our particular personal ways. The book asks, “Am I awake? Am I spiritually ready?”
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