The Great Apostasy

The Infidelity of the Future:  The Great Apostasy Michael D. O’Brien “When the Son of Man returns, will he find any faith left on earth?” (Luke 18: 18) As in every generation, the “near future” approaches, never quite materializing in … Continue reading

The Family and Totalitarianism

Will the Church go on to convert the world, or will she, as Pope Benedict XVI suggested, become much smaller, a remnant of believers purified by global persecution? Christ alone knows the answer. But of this we can be sure: despite the sufferings we will face in the future, the family will remain what it is––an oak flourishing in winter. The family will continue, as it always has, to make the seeds of the springtime that is coming after this present winter. When the tyrants and the propagandists and the social engineers have all gone, when the hatred and hopelessness has exhausted itself, the earth with grieve and be born again. The Church and the Family will remain. Then, all who have sown in the midst of tribulations will reap a harvest in joy. Continue reading

Father at Night

Every father knows that there are seasons in the life of a family when troubles seem to mount up and spirits burn low. It had been one of those months around our house. In early December, we had record snowfalls in the narrow valley of the Rocky Mountains where we then lived. It fell and fell for weeks on end, without a glimmer of sun. Continue reading

Commentary on PCJP Note

The following article was published by the international news service Lifesite News,  27 October, 2011

Michael O’Brien comments on Vatican call for ‘world financial authority’

There is, apparently, much that is good in the “Note on Financial Reform…” from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  However, while its author(s) seem to draw upon the fundamental principles of the major social encyclicals of the past 120 years, the problem is what they do with the material. In short, they take it and run wild with it:

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Sexual abuse in the Church

Articles in the media have reported on my presentation at  a conference on sexual abuse in the Church, held  in Ottawa this past March… The criminal abuser in my own past, a man who had damaged the lives of so many boys, was convicted under law as a “dangerous sexual offender,” was released after nine years in prison and then went on to apply to enter a Canadian seminary. He was accepted by the then-archbishop with full knowledge of the man’s past, a fact which came out during a later civil trial, after the man had been ordained a priest. Now the full story is a matter of public record.

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