Interview with Libros Libres Spain

In all that is about to happen we must keep the eyes of our hearts on the true horizon. Have confidence in the coming victory. Trust! Above all, Trust!
Pray and fast for the conversion of souls and our own deeper conversion. In this way, through prayer and sacramental life, we will grow in deeper union with the living Jesus, who is with us until the end of the ages and will lead us through all tribulations.
Pray earnestly for our priests and bishops and the Pope. We must love the Church with an indestructible love, in her beauty and in her humiliations. Keep your eyes on her profound identity as the Bride—the Bride being prepared to meet the Bridegroom. Continue reading

Catholic Weekly, Sydney-Elijah in Jerusalem

I intentionally wanted my readers to return to the world with refreshed eyes, not with any thought that they had received yet another end-times prediction. Yet the book presents a warning. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, in section 675-677, teaches that mankind will, for a time, be deluded by secular messianism, which is “intrinsically perverse” and will be a primary negative factor in the ultimate persecution of the Church. This, combined with the “pseudo-messianism” of the Antichrist, will bring about the supreme deception which offers apparent solutions to mankind’s problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The bulk of contemporary culture is dominated by this spirit—designed to intoxicate and addict us into the ways of apostasy. Continue reading

Catholic World Report-Elijah in Jerusalem

While it is true that many world religions have portions of the truth, having come to them by intuition or reflection as a fruit of Natural Law written in human nature, the image of God within our nature, the truths are mixed with errors. And even if such religions may point obliquely in the general direction of ultimate Truth, they do not give us Jesus Christ, He whom the Father has sent to mankind as its Savior. There is no eternal salvation outside of him. Thus, any new global religion or world movement that posits the sameness of all religions, with Christianity as just one of many prefiguring myths, is actually leading man away from salvation. It becomes a tool in the hands of the spirit of anti-Christ, and ultimately in the hands of the “Man of Sin” who will be the actual Antichrist. Continue reading

NCR interview-Elijah in Jerusalem

the Apocalypse foretold by Old and New Testament prophets and by Christ must not be viewed as a purely symbolic mega-drama enacted as high theatre sometime in the safely distant future. When the foretold events actually occur, they will be experienced at ground level by all kinds of people, in a variety of subjective ways. If our times prove to be the ones prophesied, we too will experience it in our particular personal ways. The book asks, “Am I awake? Am I spiritually ready?”
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Interview about Theophilos

My fictional character Theophilos is a Greek physician, like his adopted son Loukas, and he is a man formed by the best of the classical pagan age. He is intelligent, educated, cultured, gifted, humanitarian—and proud. The novel is the story of a literal voyage as he seeks to rescue Loukas from the “cult of the Christos”, and Theophilos’s deeper voyage into the core of his unbelief, which hides his unacknowledged despair. In this sense he is very much a modern man.

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Interview with Fronda (Poland)

This is not the time to hide in the catacombs.

An interview with the Polish news service, FRONDA,, January 16, 2010

1. You had some trouble getting your books published. What is the general reaction to them in the secularized West. Are Catholics the only people who read your books?

O’Brien: I receive many letters from believers and non-believers, telling me how much my books have meant to them. It is always a deep consolation, because for many years I could not get my books published in Canada, my homeland. My country is extremely secular, socio-politically similar to Germany and Holland. I wrote manuscripts from 1977 until 1995, and always the publishers told me they would publish my books if I deleted the Catholicism, or warped it. I always refused, and thus remained unpublished in my own native land. Even now, none of my novels have been published in Canada. When in 1995 I finally sent my manuscripts to a publisher in the USA, they were immediately accepted. Since then, during the past 15 years more than 12 of my books have been published. It was a good lesson for me about many things. For one, the true nature of secular culture, which is always tending toward the neo-totalitarian suppression of cultural freedom (as well as political freedoms); it is ever willing to lock Catholic culture into a ghetto. As Orwell once wrote:  “Some of us are more equal than others.”

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We Must Resist Indoctrination (Spain)

José Antonio Mendez interview with Michael D. O’Brien,

Alfa y Omega, Madrid, July 30, 2009 issue: 


In your novel La ultima escapada [Plague Journal], you describe a State that indoctrinates children in schools, promotes abortion and euthanasia, imposes relativism, talks about creating new rights and liberties, but silences everybody who criticizes its ideology. Is it only a warning signal about the future, or a photograph of the present?

Michael D. O’Brien: When I wrote the book more than twelve years ago, the situation in my country was beginning to move in the direction of the new “soft” totalitarianism described in the novel. I wrote it as a warning. But I did not foresee how quickly events would develop in that direction. The situation is not yet as bad as I portray in my novel, but new federal and provincial laws in my country gravely invade family life (for example, the rights of parents to instruct their children according to their beliefs on moral issues without harassment, and to keep their children out of social engineering programs regarding gender and abortion and “sexual orientation.”). Freedom of speech and religious freedom have been seriously undermined by the new “Human Rights Commissions” which are tribunal-courts for investigating and punishing “hate crime.” In Canada this term is so vague that it is virtually undefined. It is often interpreted by judges to mean any questioning of the aggressive social-revolutionary agendas of militant homosexuals. Homosexual activists have used the tribunals to harass ordinary citizens, including Catholic priests and bishops, and Catholic media, for simply speaking the truth on the disordered nature of homosexual acts. The Church, in fact, is the first defender of the dignity of the homosexual person, but it speaks clearly about the psychological wound and the sin in overt activities. The government in its new laws has simply erased the distinction between person and act, and it prosecutes anyone who continues to uphold the distinction publicly. The tribunals do not always make unjust rulings, but they are used to harass any resistance, mainly by the threat of imprisonment and the high legal costs in defending oneself from unjust accusations. This is only one dimension of the Materialistic social revolution in my country—one that exalts “rights” without responsibilities.


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Interview with Katolicki Tjednik, Sarajevo


The story takes place in the Balkans. What inspired you to situate the novel in this place?

O’Brien:  The seed of the novel was planted several years ago, in 1995, when I was writing my novel, “Father Elijah” [Posljednja vremena]. Without warning, a fictional character appeared in my imagination, though he was one I had not expected, named Brother Jakov, a Franciscan friar who had survived terrible experiences during the war of independence, 1991 – 1995. Years later, my books were translated into several foreign languages, among them Croatian. The publisher Verbum in Split, in conjunction with the Catholic apostolate MI, sponsored my visit to Croatia, where I gave several talks throughout the country. That was the first of four journeys I have made to the Balkan region. As I heard more and more stories told to me by Croats in both Croatia and Bosnia i Herzegovina, I began to realize that an enormous catastrophe had occurred here—more terrible and more significant than we in the West realized. I had read much about it, of course, but I learned that the media of Europe and North America had not really seen beneath the surface. I began to understand that the situation was more than a geo-political crisis, more than the horror of genocide. I saw it as a spiritual crisis that had consequences for the whole world. In prayer it came to me that I must tell this story in a way that people of the nations outside former-Yugoslavia would come to a deeper understanding. Readers would then see that your sufferings are representative of the cosmic war that will continue until the end of time—and is a warning about what will come to all the world, if mankind does not repent of its sins.

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Interview with Famiglia Cristiana

The Nazi and Soviet tyrannies are prefigurements of the ultimate trial that will come upon the Church toward the end of time, as prophesied by Jesus himself, and the prophet Daniel and in St. John’s Apocalypse. We are now living in a non-violent totalitarianism that is becoming world-wide, what Pope Benedict called “the dictatorship of moral relativism.”  Both he and John Paul II repeatedly warned that democracies are not immune from degenerating into tyrannies, and that they are most vulnerable to this corruption when they embrace a secular concept of the human person and banish from their governments the higher authority of God’s laws

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