New Book — “Arriving”

Available from Justin Press, Ottawa, October, 2012 collection of Michael D. O’Brien’s essays, reviews, and interviews examining the integral role of culture in the new evangelization: where we are gaining ground and where we are losing—and why.  

John Paul II’s Biblical Way of the Cross

Building on the worldwide interest in the Biblical way of the Cross established by Pope John Paul II, authors Amy Wellborn and Michael Dubruiel have written meditations that invite readers to walk with Christ from Gethsemane to his death and … Continue reading



From the publisher’s release notes:

Waiting is a collection of five stories and reflections for Advent by the foremost of Canadian Catholic writers and artists, Michael D. O’Brien. The stories are suffused with the hope and gratitude characteristic of his work and reflect his extraordinary power to move the reader without resort to sentimentality. In Waiting, O’Brien faces the presence of evil in the world and shows us its ultimate powerlessness.

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A Landscape With Dragons



A Landscape with Dragons is about the shift in literature from a Christian-based world view to that of a new and revised paganism. The author examines the difference between the two and shows how the pagan message is being packaged to appear as “Christian” writing. But he deals with far more than just the problem of deception. He is examining a major crisis in traditional culture.


O’Brien uses anecdotes from his family life experiences, skillfully woven, insightful, and often amusing. He begins with a story of his own childhood night-time fears and the wise way in which his mother helped him to overcome them. Having captured our attention, he then explores the fundamental struggle that every person encounters between courage and terror. At this point he introduces us to one of the most helpful subjects covered in the book: the role of symbols, fables, and fantasy in the development of the imagination and of a healthy world view.

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