A Landscape With Dragons



A Landscape with Dragons is about the shift in literature from a Christian-based world view to that of a new and revised paganism. The author examines the difference between the two and shows how the pagan message is being packaged to appear as “Christian” writing. But he deals with far more than just the problem of deception. He is examining a major crisis in traditional culture.


O’Brien uses anecdotes from his family life experiences, skillfully woven, insightful, and often amusing. He begins with a story of his own childhood night-time fears and the wise way in which his mother helped him to overcome them. Having captured our attention, he then explores the fundamental struggle that every person encounters between courage and terror. At this point he introduces us to one of the most helpful subjects covered in the book: the role of symbols, fables, and fantasy in the development of the imagination and of a healthy world view.

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Introduction-Remembrance of the Future

The astounding event of April 10th, 2010, was a reminder of the fragility of human life and the fragility of relationships between nations. The plane crash at Smolensk that claimed the lives of President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and several key leaders of the Polish government, defies statistical probability, since they died only a few kilometers from Katyn. Moreover, their journey into Russia was for the express purpose of commemorating the massacres. It has been said in the world’s media that Poland has once again been “decapitated.” In a sense, this is so, because those who died were among the best and brightest of Poland’s elite. They had stood firm against the absorption-homogenization of their nation in the face of overwhelming opposition, particularly the agendas of the European Union, which has far exceeded the original vision of its founders and has sought relentlessly to create a continental super-state that sweeps aside the moral character of its member states. In one blow, much of the Polish policy that resisted both EU and Russian agendas was removed.

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Preface to Harry Potter

Preface to Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture

by Michael D. O’Brien

[published May, 2010] 

This book grew out of a series of articles which were written over a ten-year period for various Christian periodicals. At first, I had no interest in reading the Harry Potter novels, and indeed felt that I had already expended considerable time researching the field of fantasy literature when writing a book on the subject in the mid-1990’s. Moreover, the constant reviews of the Potter series had given me a general sense about the stories and the popular opinions. Oceans of spilled ink and electronic text seemed to cover the pros and cons well enough. No need for me to add my opinion.

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Michael O’Brien book on Harry Potter



New Book by Michael D. O’Brien

Introduction by Bishop Julian Porteous, Sydney, Australia

Available from:  www.ignatius.com

or from www.amazon.com

Kindle e-book: www.amazon.com

or from www.amazon.co.uk

Bishop Julian Porteous, Auxiliary Bishop and exorcist  of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia:  “Like Michael O’Brien, I believe that Catholic parents need to be alerted to the possible negative influences these books can have on the moral and spiritual formation of their children. Any parent concerned about the formation of their children’s character should read this book.”

The Harry Potter Series, book by book.  Parental Strategies for Healthy Family Culture. Pope Benedict and Harry Potter. The War of Disinformation and Opinion. Harry Potter and the Gnostic Mind. Where Is It All Going? Twilight of the West. The Golden Compass or the Moral Compass?

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