Foreign Language Translations

dnevniknevolje   dom sophii    dziennik zarazy el librero de varsovia    fadar elia

father eljah - german il libraio il nemico la libraire sophia  lisola di mondo

ojcieceliasz otac u noi otok svijeta padre elias pamiec przyszlosci

peizazas su slibinais - lith pere elijah pomrcina sunca posljednja vremena rat za due nae djece

sofijina kuca teofil - polish teofil theophilos - it ultimaescapada

ile-au-coeur-du-monde mali-andjeo lattesa apoclyptic times-sm pater-elija

fr-e-hungarian  theophilos-fr  FT Croatian

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Foreign language translations of Michael O’Brien books

SPANISH edition of Fr. Elijah under the title El Padre Elias: Un Apocalipsis, and Sophia House under the title El Librero de Varsovia,and Plague Journal under the title La ultima escapada, have been published by Libros Libres in Madrid, Spain, and are available for purchase in Spain, Mexico, Columbia, and Argentina.

Other Michael O’Brien novels have been contracted by Libros Libres for translation and publication in the near future.

Libros Libres, Santa Engracia, 18, 1ºIzq.,  28010‚ Madrid, Spain.

Tfno: 915 940 922


Libros Libres
C/Gomis, 68-70. 4º 1ª
08023 Barcelona, Spain

web address:

ITALIAN edition of Fr. Elijah (under the title Il Nemico), and Sophia House (Il Libraio), and Island of the World (L’isola del Mondo), Theophilos (name unchanged) and The Father’s Tale (Halcyon) are available through Edizioni San Paolo, Milan, Italy. Other titles are currently in translation. Waiting: Stories for Advent is published under the title L’attesa: storie per L’Avvento.

Edizioni San Paolo S.r.l.
Piazza Soncino, 5
20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) Italy

web address:

CROATIAN editions of Fr. Elijah (Posljednja vremena), Eclipse of the Sun (Pomrcina Sunca), Plague Journal (Dnevnik Nevolje) and Sophia House (Sofijina Kuca) and The Father’s Tale (Oceva Pripovijest) are available through:

Verbum Publishers
Trumbiceva obala 12,
21000 Split, Croatia
(also Verbum bookshops throughout Croatia)

web address:

Treci Dan (The Third Day) publishers of Zagreb, Croatia, has published The Island of the World under the title Otok Svijeta, and Theophilos under the title Teofil.

Two collections of essays by Michael O’Brien have also been published by Treci Dan: The War for Our Children’s Souls under the title Rat za duše naše djece;  Father at Night under the title Otac u noci;  Donkey Dialogues under the title Razgovor Oceva; How to Find Happiness under the title Kako Pronaci Srecu? The children’s story The Small Angel has been published under the title Mali Andeo.

available through:

Treci Dan,
Stara Cesta 25,
10251 Hrvatski Lescovac,


web address:

FRENCH edition of Fr. Elijah is published under the title Père Elijah: une apocalypse, Sophia House (La Librairie Sophia)Island of the World (Une Isle au Coeur du Monde, Theophilos (same title), The Father’s Tale (L’odyssée du Père), and Voyage to Alpha Centauri (Voyage vers Alpha du Centaure) by Editions Salvator, Paris, available through:

Editions Salvator,

103, rue Notre-Dame des champs

F – 75006 PARIS



web address:


GERMAN edition of Fr. Elijah under the title Father Elijah: eine apokalypse is published by FE-Medienverlag, available through:

FE-Medienverlags GmbH
Hauptstrasse 22
88353 Kißlegg
web address:


SWEDISH edition of Fr. Elijah under the title Fader Elia: en apokalyps is available through its Swedish publisher, Fredestad Forlag, and also through the Swedish publisher Catholica:

Contact-order information:


Catholica AB
Blåklintsvägen 1,
SE-262 65 Ängelholm,
web address:

CZECH edition of Fr. Elijah under the title Apokalypsa

Triality spol. sr.o.
Zamecka 175
538 42  Ronov nad Doubravou
Czech Republic

(no web address available)

POLISH edition of Fr. Elijah and all other O’Brien novels are being published by three Catholic publishers in Poland (Wydawnictwo M, Wyd. Znak, and Wyd. Fides et Traditio).

Fr. Elijah, under the title Ojciec Eliasz: Czas Apokalipsy, and Theophilos under the title Teofil, available from Wydawnictwo M.

Contact information:

Wydawnictwo M
ul. Kanonicza 11
31 – 002 Kraków
web address:
Sophia House under the title Dom Sophii, and Plague Journal under the title Dziennik zarazy,  are available from Znak publishers:
Wydawnictwo Znak
ul. Koskiuszki 37,
30-105 Krakow,
web address:


POLISH edition of Remembrance of the Future, under the title Pamiec przyszlosci, is available through the new Catholic publisher Fides et Traditio.

Contact information:

and worldwide at:

HUNGARIAN edition of Father Elijah under the title Az apokalipszis árnyékában is published by St. Stephen’s Society Publishers in Budapest.

SLOVENIAN edition of Father Elijah, under the title Pater Elija: Apokalipsa, is published by Zalozba Emanuel, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

contact information:


LITHUANIAN edition of A Landscape With Dragons has been translated and published in 2007 by a Catholic apostolate, the Companion Intercessors of the Lamb in the diocese of Siauliai, Lithuania, (titled Peizazas su slibinais. Kova uz vaiko prota).

Companions Intercessors of the Lamb
Draugystes pr. 7-30,