Overview of Michael O’Brien books

Publisher’s biography:

Michael D. O’Brien, born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1948 is internationally renowned as the author of the novel, Father Elijah: an apocalypse. His ten subsequent novels have also been best-sellers in the Catholic world and have been translated into twelve languages.

He is the author of non-fiction works as well, notably his examinations of the contemporary pagan influence on children’s books and films, A Landscape with Dragons: the Battle For Your Child’s Mind and Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture. Other books include his collection of essays on sociopolitical issues, Remembrance of the Future; a children’s book, The Small Angel; a book of his paintings and meditations, The Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary; the paintings for John Paul II’s Biblical Way of the Cross; and The Family and the New Totalitarianism, a collection of his essays on the crisis of the family in a modern age. His work has been widely reviewed in both secular and religious media in North America and Europe.

O’Brien’s articles and essays have appeared in international journals such as Communio, Catholic World Report, Catholic Dossier, Inside the Vatican, The Chesterton Review and others. For seven years he was the editor of the Catholic family magazine, Nazareth Journal.

Since 1970 he has also worked as a professional artist and has had numerous exhibits across North America during the ensuing 40 years. Since 1976 he has painted religious imagery exclusively, a field that ranges from liturgical commissions to visual reflections on the meaning of the human person. His paintings hang in churches, monasteries, universities, community collections and private collections in the U.S.A., Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Africa.

Michael O’Brien lives near Combermere, Ontario. He and his wife Sheila have six children and ten grandchildren.

Book Publications:


Father Elijah

Strangers and Sojourners

Eclipse of the Sun

Plague Journal

A Cry of Stone

Sophia House


Island of the World

The Father’s Tale

Winter Tales

The Small Angel

Voyage to Alpha Centauri

Elijah in Jerusalem

The Fool of New York City


The Family and the New Totalitarianism

A Landscape with Dragons: the Battle For Your Child’s Mind

Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture

Remembrance of the Future: Reflections on Our Times

Waiting: Stories for Advent

John Paul II’s Biblical way of the Cross [illustrations]

The Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary [text and illustrations]

Father at Night

Arriving Where We Started: Faith and Culture in the Postmodernist Age

William Kurelek: painter and prophet

The Donkey Dialogues

Chapters in Anthologies:

“Historical Imagination and the Renewal of Culture,” in Eternity in Time: Christopher Dawson and the Catholic Idea of History, T & T Clark, Edinburgh, 1997.

“Catechesis and Evangelization” and “Disaster, Rage, Repentance” in The Wisdom of Nazareth: Stories of Catholic Family Life, Family Publications, Oxford, 2008.

“In Search of the Father,” in Either Protagonists or Nobodies, Mondadori, Milan, 2009.

“Subsidiary in Art: the Flow of Celestial Language,” in LOGOS ET MUSICA: In Honorem Summi Romanum Pontificis Benedicti XVI, Peter Lang Intenationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main, 2012.