New Book — “Arriving”

Available from Justin Press, Ottawa, October, 2012 collection of Michael D. O’Brien’s essays, reviews, and interviews examining the integral role of culture in the new evangelization: where we are gaining ground and where we are losing—and why.  

Introduction-Remembrance of the Future

The astounding event of April 10th, 2010, was a reminder of the fragility of human life and the fragility of relationships between nations. The plane crash at Smolensk that claimed the lives of President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and several key leaders of the Polish government, defies statistical probability, since they died only a few kilometers from Katyn. Moreover, their journey into Russia was for the express purpose of commemorating the massacres. It has been said in the world’s media that Poland has once again been “decapitated.” In a sense, this is so, because those who died were among the best and brightest of Poland’s elite. They had stood firm against the absorption-homogenization of their nation in the face of overwhelming opposition, particularly the agendas of the European Union, which has far exceeded the original vision of its founders and has sought relentlessly to create a continental super-state that sweeps aside the moral character of its member states. In one blow, much of the Polish policy that resisted both EU and Russian agendas was removed.

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