Musings on the Internet

Curiositas” is an inordinate desire to know, to see, to experience what is not rightly within one’s legitimate needs or within the proper boundaries of one’s vocation. Which brings to mind the power of the internet’s practically infinite (and practically instantaneous) capacity to fill the appetite of curiositas. The internet is a tool made by and used by human beings, and it is one of the most powerful ever invented. Though the analogy is imperfect, we might say that it is similar to atomic power. Morally neutral, it can light up homes or make apocalyptic landscapes. So too, the net can illumine minds or it can darken them even as it bestows with extraordinary force the sensations of light. Atomic fusion(fission) must be contained, which is another way of saying it must function in its right place, in proper proportion if it is to assist creation and not unleash destruction. So, too, the net. But how?

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