The Family & the New Totalitarianism—revised

My book The Family and the New Totalitarianism has just been published by Divine Providence Press, a division of Wiseblood Books in North Carolina. Based on a booklet I wrote in the 1990s, this revised and expanded edition examines the assault upon parental rights and the rights of the Family in our times. How have we lost so many battles during the past thirty years?And how can we strengthen what remains?

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The human community is never more endangered than when totalitarianism appears to be benevolent. The new totalitarian’s idealism, his “humanitarianism”, his public image, may all communicate to us many good things, and thus our imagination is captured to the detriment of real discernment. We soon find ourselves succumbing to a magnetic attraction, and voting for leaders whose agendas mix admirable elements and fatal flaws. We then discover that we have elevated to positions of maximum influence men who would sacrifice human lives for the sake of “peace” or a thriving economy or some other value. Our guilt is denied, our sense of personal responsibility is numbed, to the degree that we perceive the sacrificed lives as statistical abstractions and our personal comforts as more real. By such choices we are revealed to ourselves. Where our treasure is, there is our heart.