Looking For The Best SEO Agency? Check Out This Checklist For 2020

Today choosing to partner with the right search engine optimization (SEO) company can dictate the future of your business. 

Whether you choose a mediocre or a top SEO Agency Singapore based company as your SEO partner, it will dictate how well your website ranks in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Using the latest SEO strategies has been crucial to the success of business in the past decade, but recently it’s become even more critical. Regardless of the industry you work, or the size of your company, implementing a strong SEO strategy should be a fundamental approach to the active promotion of your products or services. 

Like most business owners, it is highly likely that you already understand the basics of SEO, such as link building, keyword research, and other principles. You may even be implementing an SEO strategy without outside professional help, and there’s nothing wrong doing this. 

But a time will come when partnering with an SEO strategist will streamline your process. The SEO landscape is ever-changing; keeping up-to-date with the latest trends quickly creates a headache for business owners. When you partner with the right SEO professional, they will soon help you reach, maintain, and even exceed your SEO goals. 

Once you realize that a professional partnership will be in your business’s best interests, choosing the right SEO partner is no longer straightforward. Especially as the market is flooded with individuals and companies who purport to be experts in the industry. 

This is why we have created a checklist that will help you find the most effective SEO partner to help you and your business in your SEO goals.

There Is No Replacement For Experience

Before deciding on partnering with any SEO company, you need to do your research on their involvement in the industry. Ensuring that they can deliver on their claims will be essential to any ongoing success.

Try to avoid any company whose strategies are based on black hat techniques and focus on partnering with an organization that has a clear directive. Based on using the latest information on Google’s algorithms and best SEO practices to help maintain your business website.

A proven track record of not just keeping up, but the ability to predict the next trends before they happen in the ever-changing environment of Google search engine updates will be essential to a successful partnership with any SEO company.

The Top SEO Consultants Deliver Results. Every Time

Any company can train their salespeople to talk-the-talk about successful SEO strategies. How can you find a company that walks the walk? 

Partner with an SEO provider that can give you an extensive list of success based portfolios and case studies. These need to show a clear record of consistency as well as success in their previous projects. 

No professional will promise 100% success, 100% of the time, find a partner who is open and transparent about their ability to deliver on their promises, and your goals should be your primary concern. 

Remember that you cannot always take a company’s claims on face value, check their references, and the authenticity of any claims with their current and previous clients.

The Ability To Understand Their Customer’s Needs Is An Essential Requirement Of Any Right SEO Company. 

You will need your SEO partner that has a vested interest in boosting the success of your company’s online presence. They should be able to communicate that this will include a variety of factors. 

SEO has a much broader scope than just ranking your website as high as possible and ensures brand promotion. It also includes boosting online conversations and providing active campaigns.

Any proposal you receive should include the following, off-page SEO optimization, on-page SEO optimization, link building, backlinks, and several other different factors. The more details they provide, the better.

The Top SEO Partners Always Adhere To The Best SEO Practices.

The simple act of hiring an SEO service provider to partner with will not always ensure the best results. Success will be determined by their ability to follow best SEO practices, so the plan they provide you will be central to this success. 

Any new SEO partner should be able to provide a detailed description of where your website stands now. How it plans for you to reach your targets, 

A partner who cannot even provide this necessary information is not a company you want to work with. You need to avoid any company that promises they will ensure increased traffic in a set time. These should be avoided only by working with companies who can offer you realistic metric solutions such as a 10% traffic increase monthly.

Expect Consistent Reporting And Transparent Communication From An SEO Partner.

One of the critical characteristics of an NCO partner is their ability to provide transparent and consistent reporting. 

A professional and experienced SEO partner will always send you up-to-date white label SEO reports. These should detail their progress on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Unless an SEO company is going to be proactive in providing information, we would recommend that you avoid them for a new look for a different company. A partner that is happy to ensure regular and consistent reporting without having to be asked for it.

Effective communication is central to any SEO campaign’s success, so if an SEO partner is not willing to provide regular detailed reports, look at the other options that you have.

In Conclusion

Hiring the right SEO company will usually be a significant investment, and not one that should be taken lightly. But any successful business owner will tell you all new ventures come with an element of risk, 

But this risk can be mitigated against by following some of the details laid out above. If you understand the basics of what you expect from any SWO partner, this will make your choice much more straightforward.